Brad Welch

Brad has over 15 years’ experience in the South African financial markets. He traded equity volatility at Absa Capital, and Barclays Capital in London. He also managed an equity volatility mandate at a leading local Hedge Fund, before founding RidgeCape - where he focuses on linear and nonlinear multi asset sales and structuring. He did this in order to try and achieve a better "work/life" balance. He is an avid kitesurfer, standup paddler and yoga practitioner. He also drives the RidgeCape CSR initiatives.

Rick Kerwin

Rick has in excess of 27 years' experience in various financial asset classes. He spent eight years in London trading South African and other emerging market bonds and their derivatives. He also traded currencies and South African equity baskets. Rick returned to Cape Town in 1997, where he joined Cadiz securities on the bond broking desk, which he ultimately headed up, and has since built a wide and diverse client base. He joined Ridgecape Capital in October 2013.

Tshego Pooe

Tshego is a Joburg bred ambitious new grad. He has just completed a Bachelor of Business Science at the University of Cape Town and is keen to see all the fixed income, equity and forex theory that he has learnt during his studies manifest. To this end, he feels that RidgeCape provides the perfect environment to practically apply what he has learnt and to further expand on his financial knowledge pertaining to these asset classes and their derivatives. He attended high school at Michael Mount Waldorf in Joburg and is originally from Alexandra Township. He seeks to uplift and motivate the community he is from through succeeding in his financial career.

Brett Hope Robertson

Brett is a motivated new grad from the University of Cape Town. He attended Bishops Diocesan Collage and has since completed his undergraduate degree in a Bachelor of Business Science with honours in Finance. He is currently working towards his Masters in Investment Management and is ready to apply his knowledge to the fields of fixed income, equity and forex. He believes that RidgeCape will allow him to gain valuable experience and further his financial knowledge of these asset classes and their derivatives.

Quant Analyst

Quant Analyst is an independent company that consults to Ridgecape. They provide models, bespoke quantitative research and work with RidgeCape in producing various quantitative trade ideas. Quant Analyst also provides a boutique of custom-made analytics, for application in research, finance, trading, and administration. The company brings world class technology, and experience in quantitative development to individuals, institutions and corporates.

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